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David Byrne’s immersive, neuroscience-themed theatre experience is coming to Denver this summer

April 19, 2022

“Side effects may include a distrust of your own senses, a disorientation of self, and a mild to severely good time.”

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David Byrne, the Artist, Is Totally Connected

January 27, 2022

David Byrne is all about connectedness these days. “Everybody’s  coming to my house/And I’m never gonna be alone,” he sings on Broadway in “American Utopia,” half joyful, half fretful, still open.

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The Year in Cheer

March 18, 2021

You could be forgiven for thinking that 2020 was little more than a slow-motion train wreck broken up into 365 individual units. But if you’re a regular RTBC reader, you know that’s not true.

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David Byrne Is Embracing His Mister Rogers Connection

October 14, 2020

America’s elder statesmen of positive vibes on his latest project, ‘We Are Not Divided,’ and how his explanatory storytelling ties into Fred Rogers’ classic trademarks.

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Reasons To Be Cheerful: A Conversation With David Byrne

October 3, 2020

David Byrne has reasons to be cheerful. In fact, he has an entire website called Reasons to be Cheerful. It’s a solutions-based, online magazine of sorts, filled with uplifting success stories that may pull you out of your day-to-day frustrations.

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